Odeon Theatre, 1948

Odeon Theatre Crowd Shot, 17 November 1948 (George Lilley fonds V25.5 6-332)This photograph is of the Odeon Theatre on Princess Street’s showing of a Big Midnight Spook Show in 1948. Screenings such as these were special occasions as the films played only for one or two nights in small towns across the province. The mention of “Stage and Screen” on the marquee references the live entertainment which was carried out on-stage by performers (such as Dr. Ogre Banshee) before or between films. It was guaranteed to be more than just the regular movie experience. Also guaranteed to be more than your regular movie experience: Reel Out! which is happening this week in Kingston. Be sure to get your tickets now so you won’t be stuck lining up in the cold.

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8 thoughts on “Odeon Theatre, 1948

  • Looking at the picture, I'm having a hard time figuring out where exactly this is on Princess Street. I want to say it's where Modern Furniture was, which is now Trail Head, but I can't be sure. Any guesses?

  • Both the Ale House (AJ's Hanger) and Stages were converted from theatres..

    I believe the one in the picture is where the Ale House now stands.

    Stages was previously "The Hyland" theatre.

    • Actually, I was wrong, please ignore my previous post. I was lead to believe that Stages was the old Odeon by others in the past, but hopping onto the Queens archives and having a rake around at photos of Princess street clearly shows that Stages was the Biltmore and the Odeon was where the Grizz/AJ's are located.

      Peggy and memememe are 100% correct.

      So much for "without any shred of a doubt"… Oh well!

  • Actually Stages is where the old Biltmore theatre was across the street from the Odeon. Back then we had the Odeon, Biltmore and the Capital. Sorry to see the Capital/Empire will be closing their doors. The last one to go.

  • My mistake Stages is where the Odeon used to be, I was thinking that Stages was on the south side of Princess, where the Biltmore was and I believe also houses a club/bar.

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