Kingston band Tiny Horse set to release debut album ‘First Rodeo’

(L to R) Julia Beattie, Rae Corcoran, Harvey Dolphin, and Ciara Roberts of Tiny Horse. Photo via Chelsea Pope.

On Friday, Jun. 14, 2024 Kingston-based band Tiny Horse are releasing their debut full-length album First Rodeo. Tiny Horse consists of vocalists and guitarists Ciara Roberts and Rae Corcoran, keyboardist Julia Beattie, and percussionist Harvey Dolphin.

The band formed in 2020, first by Roberts and Corcoran who were previously solo musicians. They started writing songs together during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown to pass the time.

“We had nothing to do, we were living together, and we ended up writing this collection of songs. It really happened very casually,” Roberts explains.

“We were just doing it for fun. It was just something we enjoyed doing together. And then we were like, ‘wait, are we a band? We should be a band!'” says Corcoran.

Their music has folk/country influences, as well as a soft pop rock feel which continues in a more filled-out way in their debut album.

First Rodeo is an introduction to the Tiny Horse world,” Roberts explains. “It’s got some of our old songs that we’ve never recorded and it’s got a couple of new ones… this is a listening experience where you learn a bit about each one of us and the people in our lives. It’s a very people-based album.”

Roberts and Corcoran explain that the album is Kingston-based, as well. The Tower Street water tower features on the album cover, which was right behind their old apartment. They explain that since the album is about their relationship and their friends, the album — like their lives — is based in Kingston.

Tiny Horse has been able to develop and gain traction through the years, partly helped by Kingston’s unique music scene.

“It’s very much alive in Kingston,” expresses Corcoran. “People are ready and willing to go and see shows… Our album is still not out, so anytime somebody comes to see us, they’re taking a chance on us. Word of mouth has been huge, and Kingston is hungry for live music. So we’re happy to be here.”

“We were super fortunate that some of our first shows took a shot on us,” Roberts adds. “Some of our first shows were at the Isabel Bader Centre and the MacKinnon festival [Back to the Farm]… Opportunities like that really allow you to get a lot of eyes on you early on. I don’t know if it’s like that in other cities. I think Kingston has a lot of opportunities that, if you can show up and nail it, it can be really good.”

(L to R) Rae Corcoran, Julia Beattie, Harvey Dolphin, and Ciara Roberts of Tiny Horse. Photo via Chelsea Pope.

First Rodeo was made with the help of Brett Emmons as a producer, who’s also a member of Kingston band The Glorious Sons. Roberts and Corcoran express that they had a great experience working with him and that they wanted help creating a full sound. They consider themselves to be a lyric-based band where the lyrics are the most important aspect of the music. Emmons was the first person they had worked with outside of the band, and he mainly helped with the instrumentation.

To celebrate the release of First Rodeo, Tiny Horse are performing two shows, each with it’s own theme, at Blu Martini on Friday, Jun. 14 and Saturday, Jun. 15, 2024. The Friday night is ‘The Pink Hoedown.’ Pink country-themed attire is encouraged, and the band will be joined by special guest Good Fortune. The Saturday night is ‘The Glitter Ball.’ Sparkle- and shine-themed attire is encouraged, and they’ll be joined by special guest Adam Rodway.

Each night the doors will open at 8:00 p.m. Advanced tickets are $20, and door tickets are $25. There are also options for VIP tickets, and a special ticket for both nights. All the tickets can be found on the Tiny Horse website.

“Each night is going to be a very unique experience… it’s basically cabaret style. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” says Roberts.

The release of First Rodeo is just the beginning for Tiny Horse. They’re currently in pre-production for their second album, and plan to record it this summer. They’re going on their first big tour this summer as well.

“Our goal in having this album out is actually being able to gain traction outside of Ontario,” Roberts explains. “We feel really happy about our growth and how our momentum is going and we definitely don’t feel discouraged. But I think we’re really excited to have a full body of work out. I think that just gives you more to work with. People can buy it, people can hear it. So we’re looking forward to using this first album to keep us going as we continue on.”

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  • Congratulations Tiny Horse!!! What an accomplishment – June is going to be exciting!!

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