Movies in the Square 2011

Movies in the Square, outdoor movies, City Hall, Market Square, Kingston, OntarioTwo weeks ago, Danielle and I embarked on one of our regular summer pilgrimages, taking in our first double feature of the season at our local drive-in.  In past years I have professed my unwavering love for our glorious drive-in, as well as admitted that I am an absolute sucker for sub-par summer blockbuster movies.  Rarely does the drive-in pair two good movies on a given night, while our first outing of the season was no different.  It should go without saying that Fast Five put us to sleep, but then again, falling asleep behind the wheel is a big part of the drive-in experience.  If you’ve never been to the drive-in, or it’s been ages since your last visit, I implore you to consider getting your fix of crappy summer blockbusters at our always affordable drive-in.

So you don’t have a car, or you’re looking a different type of outdoor movie-going experience?  Downtown Kingston has you covered, as the 2011 schedule of upcoming movies in Market Square has just been revealed. Similar to last year’s lineup, there is a decent selection of family-friendly flicks, classics and recent Hollywood blockbusters. A complete rundown is as follows:

The Social YGK
  • June 3: Bend it Like Beckham
  • June 23: Despicable Me
  • June 30: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (circa 1971)
  • July 7: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • July 21: Iron Man
  • July 28: Rudy
  • August 4: Father of the Bride
  • August 11: An Affair to Remember
  • August 18: Toy Story
  • August 25: Driving Miss Daisy
  • September 1: Night at the Museum

It you’re planning on taking in a Movie in the Square, keep in mind that you have to supply whatever you need to make for the perfect viewing experience.  This includes, but is not limited, to lawn chairs, coolers packed with drinks, other munchies, blankets, pillows, bug spray and well, you get the idea.  The Screening Room will also be on site with a few traditional treats such as freshly popped popcorn, which in my books is an absolute must for movie watching.  Having said that, with White Mountain and Mia Gelato just around the corner, there are some pretty tempting frozen treats within range of Movies in the Square.

What movies, in the Square and otherwise, are you most excited about seeing this summer?



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