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Movies in the Square, Kingston, OntarioOne of my four favorite seasons has finally arrived, and the signs are all around us.  While walking home from the Skeleton Park Music Festival on Sunday, I spotted two teens sloppily making out on a picnic table, with two half empty bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Summer lovin’, ain’t it a blast.  More traditional signs and summer rituals include the occasional treat from White Mountain, tending to and enjoying our vegetable garden, as well as nights at the local drive-in.  Regarding the latter, while we’ve already visited Kingston Family Fun World’s drive-in once this summer, the current and upcoming lineup of Hollywood blockbusters is less than stellar.  While interesting flicks including The Last Airbender and Inception are scheduled for release next month, thankfully Movies in the Square is once again picking up the slack, and offering free entertainment under the stars.

Downtown Kingston recently announced the 2010 schedule of upcoming movies in Springer Market Square.  Similar to last year’s lineup, there is a decent selection of family-friendly flicks and classics that span the past few decades. A complete rundown is as follows:

  • 24 June: Mamma Mia
  • 15 July: The NeverEnding Story
  • 22 July: The Natural
  • 29 July: Annie
  • 5 August: Arthur
  • 12 August: Some Like it Hot
  • 19 August: Finding Nemo
  • 26 August: Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
  • 2 September: The Princess & The Frog

Last year, my only bit of constructive criticism was that the schedule needed to include some more adult and teen friendly films.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I think the same could be said about this year’s selections.  While some of these films are bound to appeal to a wide audience, I guess I’m looking for more action and adventure.  That said, Movies in the Square is well attended, and therefore, perhaps it would be unwise to tinker with the winning formula.  What say you?  For regular attendees, is this a great lineup that’s bound to get you out?  And for those who’ve never been, are you likely to take in a Movie in the Square this year?  If not, what film would it take to get you out?

Thanks to wahlander for the delicious, buttery popcorn photo.

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6 thoughts on “Movies in the Square 2010

  • I really enjoy Movies in the Square and strongly encourage everyone to come out to at least one show. I have to agree with you though Harvey, the titles are very family oriented this year which is a bit disappointing for me. A little variety for "older" Kingstonians would be nice too.

  • Something else that would be very nice for us gadget-heads: perhaps the city could either export a .ics file that we could import or set up a Google calendar that we can subscribe to. :-D

  • I'm sorry, but what a dull line-up of films. Most are the kinds of thing you'd get screened on a wet afternoon on local TV. And sure, you want families to come to some, but what about something a bit cooler that would expand people's horizons too – like something from Studio Ghibli? How about some late night classic horror – like showing a George A. Romero zombie movie each night, for example? Or a series of real summer films (Cinema Paradiso, The Big Blue etc.)… whatever, just give the series some shape and variety – we have enough cinema heads here who could come up with something. Whoever programs this has little imagination and no real love of cinema.

    • I tend to agree with you in that the selections are not top notch, however as I said they have a winning formula for the folks that regularly attend Movies in the Square. I believe some of the selections are voted on via an online poll that's run by a local radio station…so at least people have somewhat of a say.

      • I am not sure that people 'having a say' makes it any better. If people don't know the variety of films out there, then they aren't going to know to vote for them – they will just vote for what they do know – which means mainstream. And the choices are probably from a list of options decided by the organisers anyway. This is why film festivals and decent cinemas have knowledgable people who program them. One way around this would be to 'pair up' mainstream films in double-features with something else less well-known – "if you like X, you'll love Y'…

        BTW, if people think this sounds elitist, it's not – it's more about trying to share the sheer range and joy of global cinema with people, not just accepting the dominance of the Hollywood mainstream and the narrow range of what we've been taught to like.

  • Neverending Story and Some Like it Hot are good picks.

    Many of the movies on the list are far too new for such an event, in my opinion. I know if I was taking my kids, I would prefer to share classic big screen experiences with them, last year Hook was a good laugh, and The Goonies, while raining, still drew a good crowd. Watching a movie that was in cinemas inside the last 5 years just doesn't carry the same magic somehow.

    I shudder at the prospect of ever watching Annie again, and am very glad my apartment does not look over market square.

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