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Movies, Screening Room, Kingston Family Fun World, Empire Theatre, Movies in the SquareHarvey and I had a great time at Kingston Family Fun World this past Friday.  We got there early enough to do a few laps on the go-kart course, grab ourselves some popcorn at the concession and then hunker down for a couple of summer blockbusters.

There are lots of ways to take in the movies these days – especially in the summer months in Kingston with the option of the drive-in and Movies in the Square.  While we love doing both of those things, we also enjoy going to the theatre, whether it be to catch a classic or independent film at The Screening Room or to sit in the reclined comfort of the Empire Theatre and Cineplex Odeon.  Other nights we just want to stay in our pajamas and enjoy a film with a glass of wine.

Taking into consideration that its summer time in ygk, this week we want to know:

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As I mentioned above, different moods can certainly affect this decision but I think, if I had to choose my absolute favourite way to see a movie, the drive-in wins hands down.  There’s something very nostalgic and campy about the whole experience that I just love, and that I think goes hand in hand with the movie-going experience of entering another world for a brief period.  Tell us what your favourite way is to make that escape and why.

Thanks to Marcelo Acosta for today’s pic.

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