The Most Annoying Christmas Decorations

christmas decorations, inflatable santa, lightsWith Christmas Eve just over a month away, festive decorations of all sorts are popping up both inside and outside of homes, businesses and all places in between.  Just last week, the Christmas tree at Market Square was installed while the grand lighting ceremony took place immediately after the Nighttime Santa Parade on Saturday.  For many, these annual events provide the unofficial okay to flip the switch on exterior Christmas lights, power up those over-sized inflatable Santas and put up our very own Christmas trees.  A quick glance up and down the block shows some very modest Christmasy decor, which is presently limited to colourful lights, snowflake silhouettes and the like.  However, while transiting through other areas of the city, I’ve spotted a handful of hardcore homes adorned with gaudy amounts of festive cheer, complete with inflatable snow globes and light shows that can be spotted as far away as the International Space Station.  With the tackiest of traditional decorations in mind, this week’s poll asks:

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The evolution of etiquette pertaining to decorating for the Christmas season is something that we have explored in the past, specifically: should decorations be making an appearance before Remembrance Day?  Businesses and households tend to play by their own rules when it comes to acceptable dates to decorate.  Our household tends to keep the twinkly lights off until the first week of December, however exterior lights are pre-installed as early as Halloween in an effort to minimize the amount of time spent outside in sub-zero conditions.  The three strands of white, non-blinking lights represent the sum total of our exterior decorating, and yet that still seems to be excessive in comparison to neighbours who don’t decorate.  The scene inside our house it just as measured.  There, you will find a real rosemary bush instead of a traditional tree, with a few other bits of twinkly glam to contribute to the festive and cheery atmosphere.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s too much, but then I’m reminded of just how much storage these few decorations take up 11 months of the year.

To what extent does your household decorate for the holiday season?  What rule of thumb do you employ for inside and outside decorating in terms of when you set things up or otherwise flip the switch?  Finally, and most importantly, what types of Christmasy decor do you consider to be the most annoying?  Should the City of Kingston ban inflatable Santas?

Photo credit to NoHoDamon.

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