Men in Blue

Blue Man Group
Naysayers had many reasons to criticize the KRC this summer, as it was either sitting vacant, or home to a lame BMX, Monster Truck or Circus-style affair. This past week was probably the busiest the KRock has been since it’s grand opened last winter with back to back action featuring the Tragically Hip and Frontenacs hockey. On Tuesday Cheryl Crow came to town, followed by the Blue Man Group on Wednesday, and the Fronts home opener on Friday. Although I wasn’t fortunate to attend any of these events, I can attest to seeing the caravans of buses, and transport trucks, as well as parking that spanned a 10 block radius around the revered/loathed LVEC. With sincere thanks to Master and Commander Brunner, and Tiffany Kemp, we were able to assemble a few pics from the Blue Man performance, found in our newest Flickr set. If you want to contribute what you’ve got from this show, the Crow concert, or some future event, please contact us. We can’t be everywhere all the time!

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2 thoughts on “Men in Blue

  • No photos of the audience so no empty seats shown.

    It may be a shock when word gets out that most such shows are big money losers. Cheryl Crow, for example, likely cost far more than the box office brought-in. The bigger the act, typically the greater the loss in venues like this.

    So recent activity may prove deceptive.

  • Found it! For example, in St. John’s, article titled “Big acts, big losses — Hootie, Kenny and Ludacris among acts that lost big bucks” from Feb 2008

    The Mile One Centre there seats 6,250 for hockey, up to 7,000 for shows, so KRC is 500-seats smaller, so proportionately more prone to this.

    BTW, in October 2008 at Mile One: Elton John (2 nights), Lenny Kravitz (2 nights) and Alice Cooper.

    KRC is a joke, relatively. Blue Man? C’mon!

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