May Long Weekend in Kingston

May long weekend, Victoria Day, Kingston, OntarioIt’s going to be gorgeous this weekend.  OK, I have no idea if that’s true, but for the sake of today’s poll, let’s go with it because, quite frankly, I’ve had enough of winter and I need to start thinking about tomatoes and geraniums.

This coming weekend is always one of my favourites.  As a child, Victoria Day was all about the neighbourhood fireworks at the park.  When I was in university, it was the first camping weekend of the season – despite the weather. I’ve spent entire May 2-4 weekends bundled up, huddled by the fire, drinking beer with friends, and trying to convince ourselves that summer is here.  Now, in my adulthood, I can’t wait to get my hands on my garden.

We all have different ideas about what makes a long weekend great so this week, we want to know:
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Is what you do for Victoria Day weekend an annual event or do you plan different things each year? Perhaps your weekend has evolved over time like mine as your priorities change, or maybe you just like relaxing at home and enjoying the extra day off.  Choose up to two answers to this week’s poll and drop off your comments below and let us know what you love to do to celebrate Victoria’s birthday.

Thanks to Azra Dark for today’s pic of fireworks over Kingston.

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4 thoughts on “May Long Weekend in Kingston

  • My plans for the long weekend include putting in our veggie garden and hitting up the drive-in. Both are largely contingent on the weather cooperating. Otherwise we're taking time to catch up with friends over dinners. Also, a word to the wise, you may want to stock up at the LCBO in case this strike actually manifests.

  • When are the fireworks and where is the best place to view them? We are travelling to Kingston for the weekend… Anything you would recommend?

    • To my knowledge, the city does not put on any fireworks for Victoria Day. Or at least the big show they do from Point Frederick over Confederation Basin for Canada Day is not replicated for May-long weekend. The only thing that is guaranteed are the backyard, amateur displays that go on across the city.

    • Unfortunately the city doesn't do a fireworks display for Victoria Day so many people do their own. If you want to make it an extra long weekend, there will be a public Sunset Ceremony tomorrow for RMC's grad and it will end with fireworks.

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