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Back in March of 2008, Kingstonist published our second food-related post, which featured a well known dining establishment by the name of Luke’s. This local culinary gem is special for many reasons, while it has arguably put Kingston on the map for foodies and critics alike.  As a part of last week’s Kingston Canadian Film Festival, we became aware of a new pair of videos, which offer an exclusive behind the scenes look into Luke’s kitchen.  Moreover, the short film provides outstanding access to the young man behind all the culinary magic.

I’m happy to let the camera and Luke do the talking, but I should offer a bit of a warning: squeamish folks may not enjoy watching him prepare one of his signature dishes, which begins around the 5 minute mark of the first video.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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4 thoughts on “Luke’s Kitchen

  • That's a great story, I had no idea what a neat place Luke's is. If I'm ever brave enough to try Tete de Cochon, I will have to do it there!

  • He's right in the sense that really good cooks have two variables…a sense and the ability to synthesize new ideas (thru books for example). He's a interesting kid…and i think somethng like Luke's is great addition to the region.

  • I had one of my worst dining experiences ever on Valentine's day 2 or 3 years ago thanks to Luke's. I have had fabulous meals all over the world at small places such as Luke's so my partner and I had such high hopes. Having saved up for a special meal out to be met with no service (we actually only saw our server 3 times the whole visit – to take us to our seats, take our order & drop off food) and were given a wobbly table by the door when we booked weeks in advance asking for a table away from the door, no drinks even after they were ordered & were billed to us (this was amended after much arguing with the server once we found her again) and asked to leave before we were finished as the table was needed for the next couple who had just arrived. I was so disheartened and disappointed after all of the good press they had received & displayed in their front window. I never want to waste another dime at this establishment, and have taken every review since with a grain of salt. So sad.

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