Guide to Little Free Libraries in Kingston

While taking a leisurely stroll in your neighbourhood, you may have noticed small, free standing boxes popping up that are stocked with free books available for temporary loan.  These so-called little free libraries are growing in popularity throughout North America, with nearly a dozen installations in and around Kingston.

Little free libraries are being installed by home owners who aspire to share good reads and otherwise encourage positive reading habits within the community. They operate much like the old school “need a penny, take a penny” trays that were once commonplace in convenience stores. Passers-by can browse the selection, take away whatever titles catch their fancy, and leave a book or two behind for others to enjoy.  Little free library stewards also replenish the stock and curate the selection to keep things interesting and otherwise appropriate.

The standalone structures are conveniently positioned close to the sidewalk, while their design tends to reflect the personality of the home owner and surrounding neighborhood.  Some little free libraries in Kingston are more elaborate and well kept than others, but all are essentially open 24 and 7, diligently stocked even in the dead of winter.

Find a Little Free Library near you:

Have you set up your very own little free library or otherwise know of one that should be added to this list?  Drop us a line with a comment that includes the address and we’ll be sure to add it to the list.

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45 thoughts on “Guide to Little Free Libraries in Kingston

  • Little library box located Helen at Park as well. Appears to be well used!

  • There is one down on Rideau St, not sure of the exact address but past Rideaucrest.

  • One little free library on Carruthers, another on Alfred and one inside Store Famous. Is the one on Sydenham still there?

  • How about Portsmouth Village? We're on Mowat and Richard and would love this!

  • I would love to set one up in our little town of Verona :) Would someone please be willing to share with me, how to make this possible. Thank you kindly.

    • Alison. If you want to set up a library that is registered with for the inclusion in steward resources and the worldwide map, just visit the website. There are plans to make your own library, your can order a kit or a completed library. If you want to register there is a nominal fee. You can also set up without registering. This list is a mix of registered and unregister libraries. All work the same. Good luck

  • Our free little library is located in Light House Park on Nicholson's Point Road. It was the second installed in the area, first is Honey Bee marina. You could post the link to the free library map which lets people see all little libraries local and around the world.

    • The one at light house park is the only one I have known about. We would take our kids swimming there. I would bring some books I was finished with take a new one and sit under the trees while husband played with the kids.

  • Here is the link. It will also address the process for someone to registered as a steward and set up a free little library.

    We have run our Nicholson Point Library since 2012. Our charter number is 3002. It has been a great experience for us and we get great feedback. We even have some new writers who leave stories to be read and enjoyed by others.

  • There is one on Nordic in Henderson Place and it is well used.

    • For the time being, we’re limiting the guide to LFLs that are outside. Many condos, apartment buildings and retirement centres have libraries, but they are really only for residents who can get inside. Outdoor LFLs don’t restrict access and are open 24/7 to anyone who passes by.

      • umm, It is indeed an outdoor LFL.. passed it many times – there are no apartments on Nordic

        • has been there 20+ years, was thrilled to see it still there when my little one started school

          • Passed by there this morning and the LFL was nowhere to be seen.

  • There's one in front of Zealmetal at 190 Sydenham St. downtown.
    Intersection: Sydenham St. and Queen St.

  • There is one around the corner from welbourn school. On Nordic I believe

  • Two across the road from each other on Charles Street near Montreal…

  • Just discovered one a few months ago in front of St. Andrews by the Lake on King Street in Reddendale. It’s beside Swensen’s AutoBody.

  • The one at 407 Division Street has been destroyed. It’s the first one I actually approached. It was such a disappointment to see that someone could be so heartless as so smash it up that way.

  • I think the address of the one on Helen St. should read 249, not 349. Far as I can tell there’s no such address as 349 Helen, but the picture matches a little library at 249 (SE corner of Park)

    • Hi Grant,

      You’re correct! The address was off by about a block. The article has now been updated to reflect the correct location.

      Thanks for bringing that to our attention,

      Tori Stafford

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