Lemon Bucket Orkestra and more perform at fundraiser for doula group

The Doula Support Foundation, a new non-profit to the Kingston area, is hosting its first major fundraiser this Saturday, Nov. 23rd at The Spire. It’s a concert featuring The Lemon Bucket Orkestra, The Weather Station, and The Gertrudes. 

“It will be a very lively event,” said Laura Pascoe, chairperson of the Doula Support Foundation. “As many people in Kingston know, The Gertrudes are amazing live, and we’re humbled that they’ve agreed to get back together for this show. The Weather Station are a really feel-good, kind of warm-your-heart experience. With the Lemon Bucket Orkestra, you can’t sit down. They’re a must-see live band, and especially in the Spire, the whole show will just come alive and be a lot of fun. Plus, ticket buyers will be supporting a really amazing cause, because birth absolutely affects everyone.”

Saturday’s event marks somewhat of informal kick off for the foundation, which officially launched in September.

“We really wanted to come up with something that could be a feel-good event, and many of us on the board knew and loved these bands,” said Pascoe. “We just asked a few bands that we wanted to have, and it was really exciting that they all agreed to play. There are a few musicians that are playing that have had a doula themselves, and they really wanted to support the cause. One of our board members is the partner of one of The Gertrudes, and she was able to inspire them to reunite for this cause.”

According to their website, the Doula Support Foundation works “to provide high quality and non-judgemental doula services for labour and birth, postpartum, and in cases of pregnancy and infant loss. Doulas are professionally trained support people for pregnancy, labour, birth, and postpartum.”

The Doula Support Foundation ultimately aims to provide doula services to people with low income, but there is a big educational component as well in letting the public know what a doula does, and how the doula fits into the many stages of a birth.

“You would not use a doula in place of midwife or doctor,” said Pascoe. “A doula is a continuous support worker whose goal is the emotional and physical support of the birthing person and the logistics of the birth. They’re there to ensure a great experience through the birthing process. Particularly for low-income families, having someone in your corner is important. A doula will focus more on the birthing person, while others focus on the baby. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that having that support sets you up better as a parent. A doula will also support bereavement in cases of pregnancy and infant loss. This service is always provided for free to the birthing person, regardless of income.”

For those unable to attend the concert who would like to support the cause, donations are accepted through the Doula Support Foundation website or their Go Fund Me campaign. They also encourage anyone who has worked with a doula to let others know about their experiences.

“Word of mouth is huge for us,” said Pascoe. “Anyone who has had a doula, please share those experiences and spread the word. We will organize free information sessions for anyone who is interested. A lot of people assume it’s a luxury service, and we’re here so that finances don’t need to be a barrier.”

Tickets to Saturday’s show are available through Eventbrite. Doors open at 7 pm.

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