Revitalizing Lake Ontario Park

Lake Ontario Park Revitalization PlanIn April of 2007, the City completed phase 1 of a study in support of the Lake Ontario Park Revitalization Plan.  The purpose of this analysis was to establish a collective vision for developing the aging, and underutilized Lake Ontario Park.  After reviewing suggestions from City Officials and interested members of the community, the City is ready to unveil their grandiose design for Lake Ontario Park, which will be presented tonight at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour at 6:30pm.

According to the City’s website, the objective of the Master Plan is to:

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“…create a realistic and feasible plan that is creative in defining Kingston, restores the waterfront, and meets the values of the general public. There are three phases to this revitalization process — envisioning the future of the Park, drafting the master plan and developing a strategy for its implementation, and the actual implementation of the plan to develop the Park.”

The community had an opportunity to suggest the incorporation of features from two preliminary plans for Lake Ontario Park, specifically the EnviroPark and the ArtPark.  The final Master Plan carefully balances elements from both the EnviroPark and the Art Park, as well as some other highly desirable amenities.  Notable environmental aspects include a recreated wetland habitat, enhanced beach zone, natural pond and winter skating area, as well as solar powered park lighting.  Artistic elements of the blended design range from a naturalized amphitheatre for live performances, to a variety of sculptures and creative installations.  The new Lake Ontario Park will also include:

  • Overlook: viewing and fishing platform
  • Lake House: public washrooms, change rooms, and showers, as well as canoe, and kayak rentals
  • Pavilion: washrooms, showers, concessions, as well as bike, skate and ski rentals
  • Picnic Area: shelter, park grills, and picnic tables
  • Children’s Discovery Area: environmental themed water play, and nature based play features
  • Waterfront: interpretive boardwalk, overlook stations, swimming area, and a link to the waterfront trail

For more information about this ambitious project, be sure to check out the Lake Ontario Master Plan.  I personally am very excited about the incorporation of an outdoor amphitheatre.  What do you think of the plan?  Is there something missing?  Is there something that just seems totally unfeasible?

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