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ice sculpture, Lake Ontario Park art, natural sculptureJust before I climbed into bed last night, I marvelled at the flurries that were sticking to almost everything outside. It made for a majestic scene in our backyard, as the tree branches and shrubbery looked as though someone had painted them with fluffy flakes of snow. This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow covering the ground, and as soon as I plunged my shovel into the soupy mess, my sense of wonder melted into a big puddle of contempt.  Nearly one hour later, my arms and back were nearly spent.  As much as I secretly enjoy shovelling wet, slushy snow, I honestly can’t stand coming home after a long day at the office to see that all of my hard work was for nothing.  I am an artist with the snow shovel, and it’s always a pity when my creations succumb to warmer weather, or are otherwise altered by intruding mail persons, recycling and garbage collectors.

On that note, today’s photo is from Kingstonist’s Flickr Group, and it comes to us courtesy of Nicolas Bettenburg.  He snapped this fantastic picture of an ice and rock sculpture along the waterfront at Lake Ontario Park.  Artist unknown.  If the weather holds up over the weekend, I might just take a stroll on over to check it out for myself.

Before we part ways for the weekend, please remember to check out Kingstonist’s Big Birthday Contest, and note that we’ll be revealing the final piece of the puzzle later today.  Otherwise, don’t forget to visit us next week to help celebrate our 2nd Birthday!

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