Lake Ontario Park circa 1960

Lake Ontario Park, beach, Kingston, Ontario

Photo credit: V25.5-27-19

This George Lilley photograph is from Lake Ontario Park in 1960. A man-made beach was installed in the park, at a cost of $11,000. In 1959 a sharp cliff that hung over the beach was removed in order to create a gradual hilly slope. The rubble from this cliff was pushed out to the water’s edge to form a breakwater. At one end of the beach, a small area was enclosed with rocks for toddlers to splash in shallow water. The beach itself was covered by sand for 100 feet deep from the water’s edge. This week there is a Mass Swim organized to take place on July 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the Utilities Kingston dock at Breakwater Park. The swim has been organized to urge the city to make the waterfront more accessible so that Kingstonians are again encouraged to swim in Lake Ontario. For more information about the history of Lake Ontario Park see Jennifer McKendry’s report.



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