Kingstonist’s Greatest Photo Contest

Just over a week ago, we announced Kingstonist’s Greatest Photo Contest.  The response from local photographers was overwhelming, as our Flickr group is bursting with even more breathtaking, comical and unique images taken in and around the Limestone City.  This past weekend, our jury struggled to come away with a small set of select photos for inclusion in our week-long poll to crown the best of the best.  Needless to say, it was a very difficult task, and I want to thank everyone for submitting their entries.  Based on the positive reception, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be running another Greatest Photo Contest this time next year, but I’m getting way too ahead of myself.  Now it is time to vote for your favourite photo.  While we’ve shrunk each image to fit below, they’re all linked to their respective originals over on Flickr.  In no particular order, the finalists are:
Waldron Tower by Errin Williams (left).  Lights Out in Kingston by James Silvester (right).
Kingstonist's Greatest Photo ContestCaffeine guides her to campus by mmmLo (left).  Kingston Sunrise by Lito Ochotorena (right).
Kingstonist's Greatest Photo ContestLone Skater by Michel Soucy (left).  Feeding the Gulls by J.A.G. (right).
Kingstonist's Greatest Photo ContestFerry in Fog by RCouper (left).  Brock Street by NapaneeGal (right).

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Voting will be open until midnight on November 14th, while the photographer with the most votes will win a $50 gift certificate to Camera Kingston. Thanks once again for all those who entered, and thanks for voting!

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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8 thoughts on “Kingstonist’s Greatest Photo Contest

  • Tough call! They're all lovely, but I see the previous voters struggled between the same two photos I did. Finally, the way the colours were captured in my fave tottered me over the edge to its side.

    To all those who entered, good job!

    • I thought the difficult work was behind us after we selected the finalists, but soon realized I had to vote for my favourite. We originally intended on having 5 finalists, but expanded it as we could not narrow it down, and there were so many deserving photos. We could have easily increased the number of finalists, but we felt that might make it even more difficult for people to make their pick. After your done voting, go check out our Flickr pool to see all the rest.

  • Difficult. There's a couple that are much better as pieces of artistic photography than the rest. But then that's not necessarily what makes a great photo. I love the movement and the expression in J.A.G's picture, but I ended up picking the sunrise because it gets that amazing quality of light that seems to exist in this area like nowhere else I have lived. I don't think I will ever get bored of the astonishing sunrises and sunsets, the subtle mists… it's why I love commuting by ferry every day.

    • Overall the finalists cover a wide array of themes and photographic elements. From nature to urban settings, various times of day, colours and perspectives, I think we hit on a little bit of everything. As you've pointed out, some people really like artsy photos, while others prefer a more traditional approach, again this was something we tried to take into consideration. Yet again, t'was difficult. Perhaps we'll have to consider introducing categories when we run the contest next time around.

  • " Kingston Sunrise" is the best! While I couldn't help admiring the rest of the pictures Lito's pic just touched the core essence of my humanity. It reminds me of my roots.

  • Kingston sunrise really got my attention . Fog was my second Fave.

    should expand it to “Greater Kingston”

  • The Kignston Sunrise is best for me. It’s simple and well composed, It radiates warm color but give peace of mind. Cool.

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