Predicting the Fronts Post-Season

Kingston Frontenacs playoff hockeySave for including their home games on our events calendar, and mentioning that one time they tried to dress like Don Cherry, Kingstonist doesn’t write a great deal about the Kingston Frontenacs.  With ticket prices being a bit too much for my debit card, and a few less than exciting seasons over the past few years, I’m far from a regular fan.  In fact, although I was practically born and raised here, I have only seen the team play three times, most recently back in 2008 when they hosted the 67’s at the newly constructed KRC.  But that doesn’t mean I’m purposely ignoring the Fronts.  Quite the opposite, as I recently noticed that the team already clinched a berth in the playoffs.  While their post-season fate remains unwritten, this week’s poll question asks:
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With the Vee’s continued success in the playoffs, Wolfe Island possibly emerging as Hockeyville 2011, and the Queen’s lady Gaels clinching bronze at the CIS Championships this past weekend, there’s been a heck of a lot of good hockey news in the Limestone City as of late.  In addition to all the on ice action, last week councillor Ed Smith ruffled some feathers when he called on the local community to essentially get over the debate/debacle concerning the placement of the K-Rock Centre, and embrace the award-winning facility.  Smith’s analysis of the performance of the KRC also included some criticism of the Fronts organization, as he stated that it was their responsibility to put together a first-class organization that’s fitting for the first-class venue built with Kingstonian’s tax dollars.

So what do you think? Will the K-Rock Centre’s primary tenant go far in the playoffs and inspire more Kingstonians to come out and support the team? Please share your thoughts on the Fronts, and the present state of the KRC with a few comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Predicting the Fronts Post-Season

  • Trying to figure out who voted for Memorial Cup bound. Guessing people hit the wrong button. Only explanation.

  • Haha. My guess is that we've actually attracted some die hard Fronts fans, the type who wave big foam fingers and bring air horns to the game. Welcome, and thanks for voting. Far be it for me to suggest that they're wrong. I certain hope that the team can put together a strong campaign during the playoffs. Having said that, I likely won't attend during the first few rounds. While ever win counts and will get them further into the post-season, I'd rather shell out to see them play a meaningful game further on down the stretch.

  • And after three games in the first round, it look as though it's all over for the Fronts. Would be nice to see them avoid a sweep, but given their track record, it will be a miracle if they can even keep it a close game. Better luck next year.

  • Lost in all this is they had the luck of being in the bad conference [Eastern] in the OHL this season. Fronts point total wouldn't have even gotten them in the playoffs in the OHL Western Conf. Scary thought for next year with players leaving and them trading away draft picks.

    We'll have lot more "Fronts Attendance" stories next year.

  • I really don't know what to make of this. Certainly I respect Doug Jeffries, and I certainly don't want to see the team fail, but that doesn't get around the fact that they are failing. Whether you blame the owners, coaches, players is really debatable. Check out Doug's defence of the team and disdain for the haters here.

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