Jock Harty Arena

Jock Harty Arena, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Jock Harty Arena (Queen’s Buildings photograph collection V100-38)

This may not be a grand building nor was it ever one in which a Stanley Cup final was held, but it was a significant part of ice hockey history in Kingston. It is the second Jock Harty Arena built in 1924. It was situated on Arch Street until 1968. The first arena was destroyed by fire in 1924, just two years after it was built. The arenas were named after Jock Harty who was born in Kingston in 1874 and played hockey first as a student at Loyola College in Montréal. He later studied medicine at Queen’s and became a hockey star, bringing a faster version of hockey skills and tactics to his new team. Jock later became President of the Canadian Locomotive Company.



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