HEY KIDS!: Favourite Food

HEY KIDS!, Slaves of SpankyAnyone who’s seen or heard Kingston’s Slaves of Spanky probably wouldn’t associate their music with children.  I witnessed my first Slaves show a few years back very late at night at a downtown bar.  They were great.  Their high energy show was fun, polished and a bit risque.  Like with most rap bands, language and song topics are a free-for-all.  When I found out they would be playing a kids’ show the following year at The Skeleton Park Music Festival, I was confused and incredibly intrigued.  The show was still the same calibre of fun, musicality and energy, but totally cleaned for the kiddies, and they loved it.  The lead rappers of the band, Brendan “Big B” Richmond and Pete “Captain Foot” Rae totally played to the kids, jumping all over the stage and even rolling around on gym mats.  The kids danced and cheered, it was a lot of fun to witness.

With a number of their friends having kids themselves, the guys decided to create an album directed to that audience.  The new formation (which is really still just Slaves of Spanky) is called HEY KIDS! and is a rap band for children.  With a number of children’s musicians presenting folky, sugary sweet tunes, this new album is a refreshing change of pace.  Kids enjoy the more complex style of music and I’m sure parents are happy to hear something other than the same nursery rhymes over and over again.

HEY KIDS! released their album, Rap Time, back in February with a hugely attended show at The Mansion and just last week they released their first video.  Filmed at Kingston’s beloved John’s Deli, this video features the song Favourite Food.  Check it out!

Danielle Lennon

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