Halloween Decor Etiquette

Empty Bowls, Martha's Table, Kingston, OntarioHappy Thanksgiving, Kingston!  We hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy time with their friends and family and that you have all taken advantage of this spectacular weather.  Before you know it, all those beautiful leaves will be on the ground and we’ll be prepping for the next big holiday: Halloween.

Few weeks now, malls and grocery stores have been reminding us that Halloween is coming, despite the fact that many of us prefer to hang onto whatever bits of summer remain.  However, it is now the third week of October and the little ghosts and goblins will be knocking on our doors in no time.  We have touched on the topic of Christmas decorating in past polls, discovering that Kingstonians are quite passionate about when the proper time is to decorate for the holiday season.  This made us curious about how people feel about Halloween decorations.  While Harvey and I wait until the last possible minute to decorate (usually around 4pm on October 31st), many homes are already adorned in store bought cobwebs, pumpkins and inflatable witches.  We, on the other hand, haven’t event bought our pumpkin yet.  So this week, we want to know:

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The decorating of our homes for holidays can be a touchy subject at times.  Christmas, for example, seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  Many folks believe that nothing red and green should be hung until after Remembrance Day.  Others love the holidays so much that they want their homes to sparkle for as long as possible.  Halloween is a bit different in that it is a celebration that only lasts a few hours, but does that have any impact on how and when we should show our enthusiasm via plastic skeletons and singing door mats?  A big reason we wait to decorate is the night before Halloween (aka Devil’s Night), which usually leads to a bit of mischief and missing or smashed pumpkins.  What about you?  Do you traditionally do your decorating ahead of time, on the day of, or not at all?  Drop off your comments and decorating rules below.

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