Guide to the 2010 Wolfe Island Music Festival

Wolfe Island Music FestivalIt’s getting to be about that time of summer. This weekend, the annual Wolfe Island Music Festival will play host to nearly twenty of Canada’s most talented indie music acts.  From the sensational Shadrach Kabango to The Sadies, Diamond Rings and Weakerthans, this year’s festival offers something for everyone!  So get your tickets in advance, hop on board the scenic ferry to Wolfe Island, and enjoy the best music festival that’s a hop, skip and swim away from the Limestone City.  Did I mention that you can camp at this festival? Don’t miss out, be there!

Friday, August 6th @ The Island Grill (1222 Main St – map) from 5pm to 8pm, $10 in advance
Colleen and Paul (pop, rock)
The Harbour Sharks (afro-beat, reggae, hip hop)

Friday, August 6th @ The Town Hall from 8:30pm, $20 in advance
The Sadies (folk rock, country, surf)
NQ Arbuckle (folk rock, country, rock)
Daniel Romano (indie, folk, rock)

Friday, August 6th @ The General Wolfe Hotel (1237 Main St – map) from 10:30pm, $15 in advance
Cuff the Duke (country, indie, rock)
Katie Moore (acoustic, alternative, country)

Friday, August 6th @ The Island Grill (1222 Main St – map) from 10:30pm, $10 in advance
Bidiniband (progressive, alternative, pop)
Monuments and Statues (indie, folk, pop)

Saturday, August 7th @ The Wolfe Island Community Centre (County Rd 96 – map), from 1pm, $40 in advance
1pm – Flotilla (indie, classical, IDM)
2pm – Justin Bird Sanctuary (indie, pop, rock)
3pm – Jim Bryson (indie, rock, two-step)
4pm – Memory House (space pop)
5pm – The Acorn (indie, folk rock, crunk)
6pm – Diamond Rings (pop, glam)
7pm – Bahamas (folk rock, indie)
8pm – Think About Life (disco house, thrash, pop)
9pm – Shad (hip hop, rap)
10pm – Weakerthans (indie, folk rock)

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2 thoughts on “Guide to the 2010 Wolfe Island Music Festival

  • Wow, that was fun! Lots of great acts, but undoubtedly the highlights were The Sadies on Friday night at the Town Hall and Think About Life (with Shad a close second) on the Saturday. I'd seen a You Tube video of Think About Life and to be honest they looked pretty weak and I wasn't expecting much. But they were a really pumping disco-rock outfit rather like a male-fronted version of The Gossip, with bags of infectious energy and more hooks than a fisherman's tackle box. The Sadies were as tight and evilly talented as you might expect from a band which sounds like the best 60s garage outfit you could ever dream of, if they'd grown up listening to Gram Parsons as well as The Seeds.

    (There was one lowlight which was the truly atrocious Memoryhouse, about whom the less said the better…)

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