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Reelout 14, Queer Film and Video FestivalThe 14th Annual Reelout Queer Film and Video Festival begins tomorrow and is offering up an impressive collection of shorts and feature-length documentaries and narratives over ten days.  This year’s festival will showcase films for and/or about LGBT youth from around the world in a special Reelout 4 Teens spotlight.  All film programmes and workshops for ages 13 and up are marked with an asterisk (*) in our guide below.  In addition to feature films, there are a number of festival parties and workshops to attend, and throughout the week, Sir John’s Public House will act as a headquarters for those looking to grab a bite and have a chat about the films they have seen.  Ticket prices vary so be sure to check here for details.

Thursday, January 31st
6:30pm, The Screening Room: United in Anger: The History of ACT UP (93 min) preceded by Green Laser (15:25min).  This screening will be followed by a Q&A with United in Anger producer Sarah Schulman and Green Laser filmmaker John Greyson.
9pm, The Screening Room: Panel discussion with Sarah Schulman and John Greyson, moderated by Dr. Samantha King. The topic of discussion is What is Queer BDS? (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions). This discussion will relate to the recent boycott protests over the Vancouver Film Festival’s decision to program Israeli-funded films like The Invisible Men. Admission is free.
9:20pm, The Screening Room: The Invisible Men (69 min)

Friday, February 1st
6:30pm, The Screening Room: Struck By Lightning (90 min)*
8pm-12am, Renaissance Event Venue: Snow-Ball Reel Out 4 Teens Opening Gala Youth Prom. Ages 13-26 only. Shuttle buses courtesy of LGBT Youth Line will be available traveling to and from Belleville (and anywhere in between). Email [email protected] for shuttle RSVP information.*
9pm, The Screening Room: Struck By Lightning (90 min)*
10pm-2am, Renaissance Event Venue: RBC Opening Night Gala. $15 for non-members/$14 for members/$12 for ages 19-24 19+ only.

Saturday, February 2nd
12pm, The Screening Room: Reel Queer Youth Shorts (40 min). Various short films by young directors.*
1pm, The Box H’art Studio: : Austin Unbound (45 min). Special film guest Shannon Graham, ASL interpreter.*
2pm, The Screening Room: Break Through (61 min). This is the international premiere and the filmmakers will be present.*
4pm, The Screening Room: Route of Acceptance (115 min) preceded by Kiss (3:52 min).*
7pm, The Screening Room: North Sea Texas (96 min) preceded by Akin (8 min).*
7pm, The Screening Room: Margarita (90min) preceded by What I LOVE about being QUEER (18:23 min). Followed with a Q&A with the film’s star Nicola Correia-Damude.
9pm, The Screening Room: Facing Mirrors (102 min) preceded by Mary (3:18 min).
11pm, The Screening Room: Fourplay (80 min) preceded Flowers (6 min). This is the Canadian premiere of Fourplay.

Sunday, February 3rd
12pm, Central Library: Reelout 4 Teens Workshop. This free workshop geared to youth ages 13 to 26 will instruct young people on how to formulate, develop and implement their great story ideas into a screenplay format. Facilitated by educator, comic and motivational speaker Kelly Dear.*
12:30pm, The Screening Room: Documentary Showcase featuring Difficult Love (48 min); Burmese Butterfly (12 min) and Courage in the Face of Hate (28 min).
1pm, Central Library: Reelout 4 Teens Workshop. This workshop aimed at youth ages 13 to 26 is designed so that young, aspiring actors and directors will first have the chance to listen to first-hand advice and the personal experiences of actors and directors currently working in the Canadian film industry.*
2pm, The Screening Room: Dykes Planning Tykes (60 min) preceded by Transforming Family (11:10 min).*
2pm, Central Library: Reelout 4 Teens Workshop. This workshop is not only just open to youth (ages 13-26) but also to community serving agencies looking to create community outreach opportunities for youth utilizing film and video. Panel moderated by FUSE LGBT Youth Coordinator Niq Roadbike.*
4pm, Sydenham Street United Church: Love Free or Die (82 min) preceded by a classical organ performance by local musician Ashley Vanstone.
7pm, The Screening Room: Queer Youth Shorts. This screening of film and video short works showcases the voices of LGBT youth from Kingston and around the world.*
7:10pm, The Screening Room: Sacred Gifts – a series of shorts curated by The Queer Women of Colour Arts Project. (72 min)
9pm, The Screening Room: Out in the Dark (96 min) preceded by Dead to You (3:36 min).

Monday, February 4th
6:30pm, The Screening Room: Trans (92 min)*
8:15pm, The Screening Room: Four (72 min) preceded by Performance Anxiety (15 min) and Una Notte Ancora (10 min).

Tuesday, February 5th
6:30pm, The Screening Room: The Falls (115 min) preceded by Au Plus Proche (8:40 min).*
8:30pm, The Screening Room: Joshua Tree 1951, A Portrait of James Dean (93 min) preceded by Modeled (7:45 min).

Wednesday, February 6th
6:30pm, The Screening Room: A Perfect Ending (106 min) preceded by The Confession of Father John Thomas (5 min).
6:40pm, The Screening Room: I Want Your Love (71 min) preceded by Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing! (13:12 min).
8:30pm, The Screening Room: Sexing the Transman (71 min)

Thursday, February 7th
6:30pm, The Screening Room: I Do (91 min)
9pm, The Screening Room: Jobriath A.D. (102 min)

Friday, February 8th
6:30pm, The Screening Room: My Best Day (75 min) preceded by The Man That Got Away (25 min).*
8:30pm, The Screening Room: White Frog (93 min)*
10pm, The Screening Room: Strange Frame (98 min) preceded by The Flight (15 min).*

Saturday, February 9th
12pm, The Screening Room: Mon Arbre (My Tree) (48 min)*
1pm, The Screening Room: Family Fun! Shorts for Kids of All Ages (41 min)*
2pm, The Screening Room: Positive Youth (43 min)*
4pm, The Screening Room: Here Are The Dolls: Women’s Shorts (97 min)
4:10pm, The Screening Room: Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales for Boys (92 min)*
7pm, The Screening Room: Reelout 4 Teens Closing Film – Mosquita Y Mari (85 min)*
7:10pm, The Screening Room: Closing Film – Keep The Lights On (101 min)
9:30pm-2am, The Mansion: The Reelout CFRC Closing Gala Party featuring performances by Man Chyna and Toronto DJs Sigourney Beaver and CFRC DJs. $5-10 sliding scale, no festival passes. 19+.

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