Guide to Homegrown 2012

Homegrown Live Music Festival, Kingston, Ontario
In its fourth year, Homegrown Live Music Festival will once again be showcasing some of Kingston’s finest musicians all in support of Joe’s MILL and The Partners in Mission Food Bank.  On Saturday, May 12th, eleven downtown venues will be taking part, each playing host to one specific genre of music.  By purchasing a bracelet for a mere $10 (or $5 with a non-perishable food donation), music lovers can move freely from place to place.  Bracelets can be purchased at each venue and kids under 12 get in for free.  Last year’s festival raised over $9000 thanks to the hard work of festival coordinators, sponsors and of course, over 300 volunteer musicians.  Here’s a guide to who will be playing so you can  plan your day.

Blues (Brandees, 178 Ontario St.)
4:00pm Sonny Slide Maddams
5:00pm Pat Johnson
6:30pm Lisa V and the VIP
7:30pm Linzy McMurter Trio
8:30pm The Burners
9:30pm Marg Bass Band
10:30pm Shaun Riley and the Chrome Hearts
11:30pm Mojo Shooter
12:30am Open Jam

Celtic (Kingston Brew Pub, 34 Clarence St.)
2:00pm Shane Dunne and Laura
2:45pm Wild Canadian Geese in the Bog
3:30pm Solange Lacroix
4:15pm Tuns of Tunes
5:15pm Irish Roots
6:15pm Celtic Rumblings
7:15pm Kingston Ceili Band
8:15pm Boru’s Harp
9:15pm Plastic Paddy
10:15pm Rukus

Next Generation (The Living Room at The Mansion, 506 Princess St.)
2:00pm Traction
2:20pm Metamorphic
2:45pm New Hour
3:20pm For Lack of a Better Name
3:55pm The Blind Lenses
4:20pm 11a.m.
4:45pm Plaid Protection
5:10pm Major Felten
5:50pm Francisco Cream
6:30pm Pickleback & Shark Repellent Batspray

Psychedelic Snack (The Living Room at The Mansion, 506 Princess St.)
8:15pm Nathan Foulon
9:15pm Simon Handley
10:15pm Hoppipolla
11:15pm Aquamuffin
12:15pm The Paradise Eaters

Folk (The Wine Cellar at The Mansion, 506 Princess St.)
2:00pm Kit Wykes
2:45pm Pete Deachman
3:30pm Rick Melanson
4:15pm Dympna McConnell
5:00pm Bob Robertson Trio
5:45pm Daniel Parkhill
6:30pm The Broken Arrows
7:15pm Jon McLurg
8:00pm Friends of the Devil
8:45pm Christina Tracy
9:30pm Frere Brothers with Instant Rivalry
10:15pm Tim Aylesworth
11:00pm Zoe and The Lost Boys
11:45pm Trevor Strong and The Line of Credit

Midnight Magic Rodeo (The Merchant, 6 Princess St.)
10:00pm Sitcoms
11:00pm Nate Crockett Band
12:00am Spencer and Funkfrenz
1:00am Jukebox County

Jazz (The RCHA, 198 Ontario St.)
4:00pm Spencer Evans
5:00pm Rubbaboo
6:00pm Sara Hamilton and David
7:00pm Glenna Green
8:00pm The Downtown Trio
9:00pm Blue Swing Quartet
10:00pm Kingston Jazz Composers Collective
11:00pm Mauricio Montecinos and Latin Fusion

Rock (Revolutions Night Club, 14 Garrett St.)
4:00pm Jeff Gaulton Trio
5:00pm Radio Wasteland
6:00pm The Stone Throws
7:00pm The Method
8:00pm Stone Cold
9:00pm Empire
10:00pm Machine Gun Jubblies
11:00pm Joker’s Child
12:00am Revmatic
1:00am Vorasek

Country (The Royal Tavern, 344 Princess St.)
12:00pm Good Time Gang
1:00pm Cold Country Bluegrass
2:00pm Verna Jacob and Ellis Wolfrey
3:00pm Roy Bradshaw, Lorne Hart and Ellis Wolfrey
4:00pm John Howes
5:00pm Bette Anne and Wayne Eves
6:00pm Pete Deachman
7:00pm Gord Struthers
8:00pm JVmongrel
9:00pm Trash
10:00pm The Thoroughfreds
11:00pm Tom Savage Trio
12:00am Liquorbox

Alternative (The Toucan, 76 Princess St.)
9:00pm In the Guestroom
10:00pm Switchyard Sullivan
11:00pm Huaraches
12:00pm Music Maul
1:00am Slaves of Spanky

KingstonOne World Music (Zappas Lounge, 178 Ontario St.)
8:00pm Samba Maracuja
9:00pm Mauricio Montecinos and Latin Fusion
10:00pm The Torres Project
11:00pm Zydecosis
12:00am Haitian Sensation

Danielle Lennon

Danielle Lennon is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. She was the Editor, Community Event Coordinator and Contributor at-large (2008-2018). She is otherwise employed as a section violinist with the Kingston Symphony, violin teacher, studio musician and cat lover. Learn more about Danielle...

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