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Feb Fest 2011, winter festival in Kingston, Ontario

Happy Friday, Kingston!  Sorry for the lateness of today’s post but I’ve been out enjoying the awesomeness of FebFest.  If you haven’t been down to Confederation Basin to check out the great additions to this year’s festivities, make sure you make time for it this weekend.

FebFest is a mere child at only 7 years old this winter but has evolved by leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings in 2005.  It all began with a hockey game, a few live concerts and some ice sculptures.  Over the years we have seen the addition of professional figure skaters in Market Square, the RMC/Queen’s/St. Lawrence snow fort competition, beaver tails (a huge hit across the board – maybe we should have them available year round?), Olympic ski acrobatics and new this year: a snow maze and ice slides.  I haven’t tried an ice slide yet myself but I’ve made it a personal goal to make my way down one of them before the end of the weekend.  The maze is pretty fun and so far, a very popular part of the whole event.

Mother Nature is totally cooperating with us, giving us that great storm on Wednesday to help prepare for the winter festivities and local restaurants are participating too with lots of great deals including the Toast to Tapas.  If you’d rather be indoors, be sure to check out some of the artignite events and the Reelout Film Festival.  You can have a look here for a full account of the weekend’s events.

Hope to see you out there!  TGIF!

Danielle Lennon

Danielle Lennon is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. She was the Editor, Community Event Coordinator and Contributor at-large (2008-2018). She is otherwise employed as a section violinist with the Kingston Symphony, violin teacher, studio musician and cat lover. Learn more about Danielle...

9 thoughts on “Friday Foto

  • Winter festivals always seem weird. I spend enough time with this weather, not using my days off to be out even more.

    Some do. Worked downtown last year on the Saturday and it seemed busier than this one. After the coldest day in 30 years and another storm this week I think it was just bad timing. Maybe that is why there haven’t been any comments on here yet.

    Hang on. Coffee, Poutine, prison farms. That will get the comments going again. :)

  • What are the dates of the festival? Is this the last (only) weekend?

  • Did anyone else get a flyer for Feb Fest in todays mail in the flyer pack? Waste of money for Feb Fest sending out a flyer after the event

    • Wow, that sounds totally wrong. What exactly is a flyer pack, is it a part of a local newspaper or something? We don't pick up a lot of flyers thanks to the "trespassers will be shot" sign on our mail box.

  • It was dropped of by Canada Post . There were approx 10 different one in there with a clear plastic wrapper. I have a pretty good postal carrier here so i do not think he stashed them for another day

    • Got one in our pack, but it arrived Thursday or possibly Friday so in time for most of the events. I agree, a little on the late side though.

      • Mine arrived on Tuesday, FebFest info and pizza places advertising Super Bowl specials. Good timing guys.

  • Harvey -Maybe the thumbs up / thuimbs sown should be turned off. it is getting pretty useless . On the same topic i get a negative , alarobric also a negative but Robert gets a postive. Why is this when we all pretty well much said the same thing. It seems to be a popularity contest not a content contest

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