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Firefit KingstonI was on vacation this past week, which afforded me the opportunity to tackle the lengthy to-do list around the homestead as well as catch up with friends and family. Although I got side tracked here and there, overall it was a very productive, albeit busy, time away from the office. With all the action happening away my computer, I neglected to post on both Monday and Thursday. Where have all our contributors gone? Regardless, Kingston survived, the downtown managed to stay afloat, and now we can all complain about this heat. But why bother? Your pleas for cooler conditions will go unanswered, especially when you’re talking to one of the members of Kingston Fire and Rescue. I swear this heat is doing something to my brain, because that’s the best segue I can come up with today. On the weekend of August 1st, the parking lot at the Invista Centre played host to the Firefit Championships. This event attracted firefighters from all across Ontario and Quebec, who were challenged to complete a grueling obstacle course. The course consisted of events ranging from carrying a 45 lb hose up six flights of stairs, to lugging a dummy 100 ft to the finish line.  Did I mention that the participants have to wear full firefighting gear? Special thanks to Paul Wash who captured the action in the shot accompanying this post.  Be sure to check out his portfolio for additional images from Kingston’s Firefit Championships.

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