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Kingston, Ontario photosThanks to a mid-week holiday, my system is completely out of whack. We checked out Ianspotting at The Toucan on Tuesday, and judging by the crowd downtown, it was your typical Friday night. When Canada Day festivities were all said and done on Wednesday, my body expected Sunday morning to follow. Instead, I was met with two days of vacation, which was spent painting the house, cutting the grass, and taking flammable, caustic leftovers to the hazardous waste disposal depot. Just what day of the week is it? Happy Friday!

In case you missed out on the Canada Day celebrations in Confederation Park, we’ve got some of the sights on our newly geotagged Flickr, as well as a brief clip our YouTube. Today’s Friday Foto comes from yours truly, while Gangie has some great shots of the Fireworks over Confederation Basin, Tom Rutlege spied some red and white-clad revlers, and The Jimmer discovered eccentrics dressed in period-specific garb.  This weekend the Limestone City is welcoming the craftiness of Fanfayr, the Sidewalk Summer Sale, as well as more Music in the Park, and performances by Emily, Betablokka and Reuben.  Did I miss anything?  Please help us keep track of what’s going on in Kingston by dropping a comment or three.

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