South Frontenac to be site of feature film production in June

During the early weeks of June, Verona will be the site for a feature film production, aptly named “Verona”.

“This is a unique opportunity to showcase South Frontenac on a national stage,” says Mayor Ron Vandewal. “We welcome the production of this feature film, and appreciate the extra precautions the film producers are taking to ensure there is minimal impact on our residents from a public health and safety perspective”.

Production crews have been working with the Township of South Frontenac to ensure that traffic control and public health measures are in place, and residents and businesses are informed of any potential impact.

Most of the production will have little or no impact on traffic, though the film producers require some access to municipal roads for filming purposes, with one single lane road closure on June 6th from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm on Road 38 in Verona. To ensure minimal traffic impact during the partial closure, one-way traffic will be permitted and controlled with flaggers, signage and support staff hired by the production team. A number of other roads in Verona will be the site of filming as well, however, no road closures will take place at these locations. Motorists are asked to slow down and be mindful of the production during this time.

The production’s Location Manager distributed a Notice of Filming to residents and businesses on roads that will be utilized during filming. The notice includes information about dates and times of road usage and was delivered earlier this week.

“The film producers have provided a detailed filming schedule and will be tasked with hiring traffic control personnel”, says Darcy Knott, Director of Fire and Emergency Services. “The producers are also ensuring that other emergency and municipal services are informed of the project dates, times and locations.”

Maeve Kern, the film’s Producer, describes the plot as “a humid slice of life from a forested suburb. Four dreamy summer days shifting between Camila’s deteriorating relationship with her girlfriend, her mother’s wanderlust, and her father’s reckoning with his traumatic past.”

The film producers are working closely with the Kingston Film Office to ensure COVID-19 protocols are adhered to during filming. All cast and crew members are required to form a social bubble and isolate during the duration of the production, and COVID-19 testing will be in compliance with Provincial Section 21 COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.

According to the Township, filming should take approximately 18 days to complete and communication regarding potential impacts on traffic and/or pedestrian travel through Verona will be posted on the Township’s website and social media channels.

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