Escape the cold and solve the ‘Scandal in Kingston’ at Sherlock’s Escapes

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Image via Sherlock’s Escapes.

This December, Sherlock’s Escapes is launching a new escape room: Scandal in Kingston. The search for Sherlock Holmes continues in this third instalment, which leads detectives through an engaging and Kingston-themed set of puzzles.

“Our lead detective here at Sherlock’s Escapes Detective Agency is Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, he has been missing now for quite some time,” said Matt Rothwell, Director of Games at Sherlock’s Escapes, noting that the clues from previous escape rooms have led detectives to Kingston, and into Irene Adler’s apartment.

In this latest room, puzzles will lead your team around a map of Kingston in order to save Dr. Watson, who’s been kidnapped by Ms. Adler.

“All in all, this game really incorporates the location of Kingston into the game in a way that you don’t classically see in an escape room,” Rothwell said, noting that out-of-town visitors are not at a disadvantage at all. “We are big believers in the notion that you don’t need ‘other knowledge’ to solve our escape rooms.”

Sherlock’s Escapes has had teams searching for Sherlock Holmes since 2016. Their escape rooms are great fun for family and friends, and they have a collection of virtual rooms for larger get-togethers, or to celebrate over the holidays when travel isn’t an option.

Currently, Sherlock’s offers five games that can be played over Zoom, and feel like an interactive radio drama. With website-based puzzles and a room host to help guide you through the story, teams work in breakout rooms to solve the whodunit. There is also the option for large group bookings for team building or workplace events.

You can help the search for Sherlock Holmes through three in-person escape rooms at Sherlock’s Escapes location at 298B Bagot Street. The family-friendly rooms focus on mystery and intrigue and are a great way to get out of the cold this holiday season.

Team Keys tackling two escape rooms to kick off their week! Image via Sherlock’s Escapes.

Each escape room storyline is created with a mix of challenging logic puzzles, as well as exploratory or “see the big picture” puzzles, which Rothwell said youth are usually very strong at. Sherlock’s Escapes also have two virtual rooms designed specifically for kids: Surviving Summer Camp, and The Sofisticated Krillers — Perhaps a great gift idea, or something for kids to play virtually with their friends over Christmas break.

Sherlock’s in-person games can accommodate up to 10 players, and proof of vaccination is required. The rooms are sanitized between bookings and sleuths need to book a time in advance. To learn more about the current escape room options, or to book an escape, visit the Sherlock’s Escapes website.

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