Correspondence From the Office of Ordnance, 1817

25mar_ordnanceRecently acquired by Queen’s Archives is this record book of assorted and accumulated circulars, orders and correspondence to Respective Officers at Kingston from the Office of Ordnance. The Ordnance Department supplied technical, scientific and engineering services to a vast array of government and civilian organizations and they even turned their attention to the efficient use of cats. Pictured above is a discussion about feeding cats, and the appropriate number to keep in terms of productivity and economy. “I am directed, in reply, to acquaint you, that 18 Cats are kept in the Tower by the Ordnance for 10 Store Rooms, and that the expense of keeping them is 8 [pence] per week each cat, the Board therefore desire you will regulate the number to be retained at Kingston and the expense of maintaining them accordingly.”

This book is an interesting and early look at the minutiae of daily life in a government town and well worth taking a look at. Click on the photograph of the letter displayed on the left for a closer look at higher resolution.

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