Christmas Cheer at KGH, 1950

Go Italian, Fresco Authentico, Kingston, OntarioIt is again that time of year, when staff holiday parties fill the local restaurants and pubs. The above photo, taken by Philip Mott around 1950, shows nurses at Kingston General Hospital decorating the Christmas tree in advance of their own party. Having probably been taken for a newsletter, the photo may seem somewhat staged, but the nurse’s enthusiasm for the season appears quite genuine. We at Queen’s University Archives would also like to pass our enthusiasm along and wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season!

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  • Hello, I realize this photo was posted some time ago but I was wondering if you could shed any more light on the photographer of this photo? Philip and his wife Mildred Mott are also listed as benifactors to KGH. They would both be dead by now as they were born in 1911/1912 and Mildred died in 2001 at the age of 90 in Kingston.


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