Trespassing with Cherry Chapstick

Cherry Chapstick Band, KingstonOf the groups scheduled to perform at this weekend’s Wolfe Island Music Festival (WIMF), Cherry Chapstick is a band I knew absolutely nothing about.  And that’s surprising, because after I did a bit of research, I discovered that they hail from, and perform around the Limestone City.  Ultimately, the reason you probably haven’t heard of Cherry Chapstick is because they are relatively new to the local music scene, but that shouldn’t be misconstrued as a criticism.  In the short time this trio has been performing, they’ve garnered all the right attention from all the right people.  Hence they were selected to perform at WIMF, which features the likes of Ohbijou and Sarah Harmer.  According to their bio on  CBC Radio 3:

Cherry Chapstick formed in the spring of 2009 in a house across the street from a Kingston highschool. The concept behind the band was to make as much music as possible over the course of a summer and to play it wherever confused, beach-slamming, teens have enough space to gyrate their limbs.  Rekindling old flames between 1988 and 2010, Cherry Chapstick blends shoegaze and indie rock elements with a provocative electronic backbeat.

Although that snippet may be humorous, it does little to provide real insight into the personalities that make up Cherry Chapstick.  Thankfully, we can learn a bit more about this mischievous trio through their unplanned music videos, which were filmed around downtown Kingston.  Below we’ve embedded a video of the boys waltzing into A&P Metro for an impromptu, and allegedly criminal performance that gets cut a bit short. If you like what you hear, check out their other videos filmed at the TD Easy Teller, Rochleau Court, as well as Confederation Basin.  Otherwise, you can also head on over to Wolfe Island to catch their performance at the festival this Saturday.

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