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CFRC, 101.9FM, Queen's radio station, Kingston community radio, Kingston, OntarioToday’s photo was taken yesterday afternoon during my visit to CRFC’s Open House – check out the full set on Kingstonist’s Flickr.  The event was hosted to celebrate their 50th year in the basement of Carruthers Hall. It is worth noting that 2010 also marks the 88th year that CFRC 101.9FM has been on the air, while this arguably places the station amongst distinguished company as one of the world’s oldest, continuously operating radio stations.

While I graduated from Queen’s and have been in almost every building on campus, I had admittedly never peered inside CFRC until yesterday. During the tour, I got a real sense of their operation, and briefly met some of the passionate people who’ve done their part to keep the station going over the years. We visited various studios, where all the magic takes place, while I was specifically mesmerized by some of the vintage equipment, as well as the voluminous stacks of vinyl and CDs. The maze of classical, quirky, newly released material and everything in between, is a haven for audiophiles and musicologists alike.  Our guide pointed out that their vast library of recordings is rather uncommon nowadays, as most commercial stations have transitioned to digital. That’s definitely a testament to the long lasting quality of vinyl records.

Next time CFRC opens their doors, I highly recommend that you go for a tour. In the meantime, please give them a listen, and support local, community radio. You can even stream them online by clicking here.

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