Busk a Move

Kingston plays host to numerous notable festivals throughout the summer, including last weekend’s hugely successful Limestone City Blues Fest.  These events not only pack the streets, restaurants and stores with paying customers, but they also create an unmistakable buzz and elevate the spirit of the entire community.  In between the Blues Fests, Busker’s Rendezvous, and other affairs on the Square, downtown Kingston is hardly a ghost town when it comes to street performers, as we have many local, licenced buskers adding to the ambiance of our quaint downtown quarter.  A unique performer that breaks away from the traditional musician on the street corner was on display this past weekend in front of Kingston City Hall.  While I would like to forget my failed attempts to master the hacky sack back in high school, my personal experience serves to reinforce just how awesome this freestyle performance really is.

Luckily, there’s at least one month of decent weather left for our street performers, so get out there and drop a few coins in their hats, cups, and instrument cases. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will keep them coming back for more, and add to the atmosphere on our street corners. Further, with initiatives such as Busking for the M.I.L.L., a part of the proceeds from some of the performances go towards supporting fantastic community programs.  Outside of the Buskers Rendezvous, what’s your favourite type of busker?  Give a shout out by dropping off a comment below.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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  • Harvey, I'm hoping, in my heart of hearts, this song had something to do with the great vid selection…maybe you've redeemed yourself? We might be able to be enterents pals… -Suddsy B

    • I've possibly redeemed myself? What? Did I inadvertently wrong you in the past or something. The song was very complimentary to the picture show.

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