Most Anticipated Winter Events in Kingston

best winter events in Kingston, OntarioWith the Santa Claus parade and Black Friday in the rear-view mirror, and December well under way, there’s no denying the inevitable: winter is almost here. While many of us hunker down, doing our best to stay warm and hide from the elements, there are also lots of Kingstonians who love to spend time outdoors during the frigid months, and there is certainly plenty to do to keep us busy. The hockey season is well under way, skating rinks throughout the city are almost frozen solid and the local arts scene is alive and well with tons of entertainment to choose from. For those courageous enough to get out there and enjoy all that a Kingston winter has to offer, this week we ask:

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Perhaps I’m a bit mellow dramatic when it comes to talking about winter weather.  It’s really not so bad if you prepare for it and make the most of the wonderful things going on around you.  And, word on the street is that this winter isn’t going to be nearly as bad as last year, and whether that’s true or not, I’m clinging to it with all my might.  There’s a ton to do in this town in any season.  Tell us what you’re most looking forward to over the next few months and why.

Thanks to Queen Yuna for today’s photo.

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  • Early next year we're looking forward to FebFest and the SJA Bicentennial. We've also got our own festive Kingston event coming up this weekend: have you heard about the Kingston Carol Trolley?

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