Most Anticipated Winter Events in Kingston

best winter events in Kingston, Ontario2013 concluded in dramatic fashion in Kingston as a segment of Williamsville was devastated by a massive fire, and then Limestone City was forced to endure a cataclysmic ice storm that rivaled the 1998 version in terms of city-wide damage. The aftermath is glaringly apparent two weeks later with impassable sidewalks, downed trees, as well as recycling and green bins encased in ice visible all over the place. Temperatures and conditions in 2014 have verged on setting new all-time record lows for Kingston, which has sent many of us into hibernation mode. Stick your toe out from under one of the duvets on your bed and I’m sure you’ll agree, staying indoors is not a bad idea these days. Brave winter enthusiasts (such people exist I am told) have been lapping up the frostbite on behalf of the rest of us, taking in past events such as Santa Claus parade and New Year’s Eve fireworks, as well as leisurely skates on favorite outdoor rinks and cross-country skiing. If you’ve missed out on any of these wintery activities, fret not, for Kingston’s biggest and most exciting Winter events are yet to come. Accordingly, this week’s poll, our first off 2014, asks:

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Many of us have resolved to do various things better or at least different in 2014, which for me includes a renewed appreciation and greater participation in the local scene.  Thankfully January is a solid time to set out on such a goal, as there really is a great deal going on in Kingston during the winter.  ReelOut, FebFest and the Kingston Canadian Film Festival are three annual winter events which I’ve truly come to cherish, as they help coax me away from my cozy fireside perch and encourage me to explore this great city of ours.  Since I’m kind of movie nut, venturing outdoors is always easier when a warm seat and popcorn are at the other end of my journey.  That said, I’m also a sucker for an evening skate on an outdoor rink, followed by a trip to warm up with hot chocolate or something a wee bit stronger depending on just how cold it is outside.  While I’m certainly not wishing away the weeks to come, a part of me cannot wait for the calendar to reach the 20th of March, bringing my flip flips out of retirement, catching up with friends on patios, the return of food trucks, tending to the vegetable garden and, well, you get idea.

Stepping back and thinking of all the things coming our way in the next few months, what would you recommend and why?

Thanks to Sean Hickman for today’s icy photo, which was shared via our Flickr pool.

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