Best Tobogganing Hill in Kingston

Tobogganing Hills

Helloooo winter!  After months of wondering if we’d see the old man this year, he’s come back full force in the last few days giving us snow days, skating and other great features of a Canadian winter.  I personally am not a big fan of this time of year but I’m coming around and considering taking up cross country skiing, or at the very least, not being afraid to go outside.

As a kid, the one thing my friends or parents could offer up to get me outside in January was tobogganing.  There was nothing more fun than flying down a hill at full speed on a beautiful, sunny winter day.  The hike back up wasn’t so fun but the promise of more was enough.  I haven’t participated in this great winter tradition since a less than successful attempt with garbage bags on Summerhill as a student at Queen’s many moons ago, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for a hill in Kingston.  After some research, I’ve come up with a list of places that seem to be pretty popular amongst Kingstonians. So this week’s poll asks:

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Are these the hills you frequent?  Or perhaps there’s a secret gem of a hill that we’re missing along highway 2 or 15, on Wolfe Island or elsewhere in the township.  Drop off a comment below and let us know where you like to get your downhill adrenaline rush.

Thanks to OldOnliner for today’s photo.

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4 thoughts on “Best Tobogganing Hill in Kingston

  • For the record, the hill at Princess & Portsmouth is known to many as Walton’s Hill, as the retail space on the main floor of the apartment building was once Reg Walton’s Drug Store. Some kids tried to rename the hill every time the store changed, but most of us still called it Walton’s Hill, and I still do! I’m not sure what the kids in Strathcona Park call it these days, though …

  • The Cataraqui Golf and Country Club was an awesome spot when i was younger to go tobogganing.

    There was a sweet spot known as the sugar bowl. ( back then they let people toboggan, i don't know about now) The sugar bowl was KILLER! especially if you were walking up and someone was flying down at you lol.

    • Unfortunately no more tobogganing…it's posted. They end of an era as it was one of the favorite spots of my youth as well…particularly the steeper slope on the right that headed off toward Front road.

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