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Golf Courses, Kingston, OntarioYears ago I made a promise to a local greens keeper to never, and I mean never, step foot on his golf course again.  I am what golf enthusiasts refer to as a duffer or a hacker, but then again I am not sure my severe lack of patience and skill, warrant such flowery titles.  Last summer I narrowly averted a booze filled golf outing that was a part of a bachelor party I was helping to organize, while our plans had to be changed at the last minute thanks to a torrential downpour.  I suspect the aforementioned greens keeper may have cast a spell, calling on said rain to keep my crater-like divots at bay.  In spite of the fact that I didn’t make it onto the links last year, or in the past decade for that matter, I am at least aware of Kingston’s finest fairways and greens, which leads to this week’s question:
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The fact that I don’t golf, and I don’t really enjoy it is kind of sad considering the notable courses in the Kingston area.  Many of family members, both male and female, are scratch golfers who go out for weekly bonding experiences on the links, which I a stubbornly refuse to be a part of.  Even so, I’ve listened to their heroic tales of making awesome chip shots on such-and-such a hole, randomly running across the beer cart just when they thought they’d polished off their last beverages, and generally which course is best.  Whether you judge it by the cost of green fees, exclusivity, course upkeep, having to wait for players on the next hole, location, pro shop service, or the menu at the 19th hole, I’d love to hear which course our readers consider the best.  Please drop off a comment or two and make your case.

Special thanks to Jeff the Trojan for today’s awesome accompanying photo.

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4 thoughts on “Best Golf Course in Kingston

  • I forgot to mention that Belle Park opened this past weekend. If the others haven't already done so, I suspect they'll be following suit very soon. Golfers rejoice that they can now wear their funny hats.

  • Cataraqui is probably the best *private* course. But having never laid foot on it, nor will most Kingsontians, I aim not giving it my vote. Consequently my vote goes to what I believe is the best public course on the list; Glen Lawrence.

    • I've heard from a few folks that in spite of it's exclusivity, Cat isn't the nicest course. I've only seen the inside the inside of the Club House, but that was years ago and hardly qualifies as a walk of the grounds.

  • Glen Lawrence, the best course no question. Best layout, best people and the most beautiful setting around. But don't tell anyone ok?

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