Most Anticipated Fall Events in Kingston

Best Fall events in Kingston, OntarioToday we’re celebrating Labour Day, which coincides with the return of post-secondary students, last minute preparations for the first day of school, and a great opportunity to tend to last minute, summery pursuits.  While we’re looking ahead to the best fall events Kingston has to offer, keep in mind we’ve still got nearly three weeks of glorious summer left to enjoy.  The local autumn social calendar tends to be less hectic and touristy than what we’ve come to expect in the preceding months, which affords us some much needed breathing room to relax and take it all in.  I’ve come to realize that, while the agenda may not be as jam packed with festivals and such each and every weekend, the casual tempo ahead affords a greater likelihood that we can actually take it all in.  Rarely will you have to choose between two stellar events or festivals occupying the same date or weekend in the fall, and that’s a good thing.  With colorful trees and a brisk breeze in mind, this week’s poll asks:

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In spite of the fact that fall signals the arrival of much cooler and often downright miserable weather, it’s also a time to enjoy the rich spectrum of our transformed surroundings.  This will lead many of us on annual pilgrimages to local orchards, pumpkin patches and county wineries to partake in the seasonal harvest and put away a few treats for the cooler months ahead.  Corn mazes, canning, freshly baked pies, trick or treating and raking leaves are all great seasonal activities to look forward to with anticipation.

For many Kingstonians, one of the biggest differences between fall 2013 and 2012 will be the long awaited return of Queen’s Homecoming, which takes place over two weekends in October.  With the University’s administration, alumni and local municipal leadership optimistic that the right conditions for a successful and safe Homecoming celebration have been established, the likelihood of unruly street parties and a substantial policing bill remain a real concern for many.  It’s an undeniable boost for the local economy and yet it could very likely undo the years spent rebuilding the damaged relationship between the university and local community.

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  • One of the unintended consequences of the decision to cancel Homecoming these past few years has been how the myth of Homecomings Past has been overblown in the minds of all current undergrads who have never experienced Homecoming first-hand. It wouldn't surprise me to see those students, and of course their guests, curious observers from outside Kingston, and local high school and college students, create a spectacle of the likes never before seen at Homecoming. And splitting Homecoming over two weekends, while reducing the number of alumni (who were never the source of trouble) attending each weekend, will not affect the number of students who will be in town for both weekend. While we hope for the best, Kingston should be prepared for the worst.

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