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bike, repair, shopFor a city that struggles to become bike friendly, Kingston has a good number of bike retail and repair shops, which is great because despite our challenges, there is also a large number of cyclists in YGK.  From commuters and pleasure riders to racing enthusiasts, we love to ride our bicycles.

When it come to retail and repairs, there is a lot of choice that caters to the specific needs of our cyclists.  Places like Yellow Bike Action and BBs Cycle of Kingston offer refurbished bikes of all sorts, Frontenac Cycle, J&J and Cyclepath offer a wide variety of new bikes for all types of riders, while Gears and Grinds and Ted’s Road and Tritathlon cater more to the hardcore racing crowd.  No one store is completely specialized in any of these fields (with the exception of Ted’s), so it’s possible to find what you’re looking for at just about any of them.  What sets these shops apart is based more on their customer service, the friendliness, speed and skill with which they deliver their services and of course, their prices.  So this week we want to know:

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Why did you choose the way you did?  Have you been loyal to one shop over the years?  Why or why not?  It’s important to also consider the fact that sometimes the best shop to buy a bike isn’t necessarily the best place to get repairs done.  We want to know what kind of cyclist you are and who you trust to sell and repair your ride.  Drop your comments off below.

Thanks to Bruce Turner for today’s pic.

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4 thoughts on “Best Bike Shop in Kingston

  • Really happy to see Frontenac so far out in the lead. The owner of this shop is one of the nicest retailers I've ever met. Not only that but he may know more about bicycles than I could learn in a lifetime.

    Keep going to Frontenac!

  • Hmm, I don't go to Frontenac specifically because I am allergic to dogs, and the one in this shop is particularly excitable. I took one step in and my sinuses were clogged for a couple days. The owner also definitely needs to train the dog not to jump up at customers especially kids, and Merckx's "little nibbles" are no longer "cute" at 2 years old! Yikes!!! I prefer Cyclepath because they follow health code standards, and maintain the cleanliness of their space. Nothing but professional and genuine service there!

  • I chose Yellow Bike because I think it's a great idea to fix your bike reusing old bike materials, and they teach you how to do it too! You don't just leave your bike behind- you stay and learn so much in the process of building or tuning up your bike! What an intimate and educational experience!

  • These shops service a variety of clients so a one on one comparison isn't really fair. I'm loyal to Gears & Grinds as I get great advice and assistance from the owner and have referred others who've been similarly impressed. His shop is highly respected amongst serious and competitive cyclists.

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