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Awesome Kingston, Kingston, OntarioThe Awesome Foundation is an ever-growing worldwide network of people who are passionately devoted and personally invested in spreading awesome across the universe, $1,000 at a time. The original chapter sprung up out of Boston MA in 2009 when a group of like-minded micro-trustees pooled together their hard earned dough, and rewarded the best technological, artistic, social, environmental or awe-inspiring dreamer with $1,000 to make “it” happen. Since November of last year, the Limestone City’s local chapter, Awesome Kingston, has been conducting their very own monthly pitch parties, whereby local hopefuls have ninety seconds to woo the judges and earn the rights to a paper bag stuffed full of cash.  A combined total of $256,000 has been handed out by chapters of The Awesome Foundation, while $7,000 of that massive sum now belongs to local awesome projects.  With all the winners and losers in mind, this week’s poll question asks:

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Nothing is too big, too small nor too bananas to be pitched to the trustees of Awesome Kingston.  With ideas such as: YES! (skywriting the word yes on a weekday to shake people’s understanding of their day-to-day experience of Calgary), The Complete Street Band (a community street band open to musicians of all ages and abilities, dedicated to making Toronto’s public spaces more exciting and inviting places to be), Learnapalooza (a free learning festival put on by teachers, businesses, non-profits and amateurs) and Auto Repair DIY Space (teaching automotive repair and maintenance workshops to those who generally feel taken advantage of by the automotive industry) winning in other cities, I’m optimistic that Kingston is only beginning to scratch the surface of awesome ideas that are being cooked up by tomorrow’s hopeful winners.  Although Awesome Kingston is currently on a bit of a Summer hiatus, there’s zero indication that the flow of paper bags stuffed full of cash has ceased.

What awesome ideas would you like to see win or pitched in Kingston?  Are any of the past losers truly deserving of an additional ninety seconds to make their case and make it happen?  With respect to your pick(s) for the best Awesome Kingston-funded project, why do you consider it to be the best of the best?

Special thanks to moonlightbulb for the original image modified (made more awesome) for today’s post.

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