Ball drops new album

Kingston singer-songwriter Greg Ball releases his new album Spoiled Sunday this Friday at The Mansion at 9 pm.

“This is definitely the best thing we’ve done as a band.”

Greg Ball feels quite strongly about his new record Spoiled Sunday, but he’s quick to bring himself back down to earth after a very brief moment of proud boasting.

“I doubt we’ll do any better, to be honest.”  

Ball has a lot to be proud of. Spoiled Sunday is a confident, strong, 10-song album that moves at a comfortable pace, showcasing not only Ball’s thoughtful and intelligent songwriting, but his ace band as well: Joe Carscallen on lead guitar, Rob Gillet on bass, and Rob Radford on drums.

The album’s title track, and first single, opens with an instantly catchy chorus right out of the gate that sounds like a song you’ve heard for years on rock radio. Where songs like Cocaine Friendly and Congrats are a bit bitter and confrontational, others like Demon Seed and Scared to Fail show Ball’s vulnerable side, albeit in a manner that makes you bob your head and sing along.
This album, like his previous record, Mr. Rightplace, was produced by The Tragically Hip’s Paul Langlois, and is released on Langlois’ Ching Music record label. Langlois is very hands-on throughout the pre-production process as well.

“Paul came out to our jam space to see what he thought of the songs,” says Ball. “He’s done it a long time and knows what people are looking for. He’ll say ‘Don’t bore us, get to the chorus’ and I’m like ‘But I have so much to say!’”

The album was recorded over the course of three days at The Tragically Hip’s Bathouse studio.

“(Langlois) really puts the steam in the Bathouse,” quips Ball. Most of the final product was done live off the floor.

“There’s a bit of studio magic there,” admits Ball, referring to some overdubbed vocals and guitar parts. He credits his band with most of the hard work.

“Rob Radford, in particular, really nails it down,” says Ball.

Working with Langlois comes with a variety of perks. He sings on the album, and helped recruit fellow Hip guitarist Rob Baker to play pedal steel on one track as well.  

“Over the course of a lifetime I’ll pay him back for everything he does for us,” muses Ball. “He’s been awesome to us.”


Where to see Greg Ball: Friday, June 15th at The Mansion at 9 pm. Sunday, Aug 19 at Back to the Farm: MacKinnon Brothers Beer & Music Festival.
Where to find Greg Ball: Greg Ball, Facebook, Twitter
Where to listen to Greg Ball: Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud.

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