Apple Crisp Mixtape #4

Apple Crisp MixtapeAfter the 4th Apple Crisp mixtape made it onto my playlist last week, I soon realised I needed to spread the word.  This fantastic offering spans the indie spectrum, with tracks contributed by performers located all over the place.  Although the double-sided mixtape and accompanying zine are available for purchase at future Apple Crisp concerts, they’re also being made available as a free, downloadable podcast.  Be sure to hit the play button below and listen to both sides!  Note: I recommend listening to them one at a time.


Side One Track List:

1. Better Lighting – Lauren Bacall Type
2. Pâté – Burning
3. The Bring-Homes – Do You Want To Know
4. PS I Love You – Stop the Future and Melt With You
5. Greg Tilson and Annie Clifford – Wind From the South
6. Nich Worby – untitled
7. Paranoid Sex – Bad Advice
8. Jared MacKay – Too Cold
9. The House is Black – Head Held High
10. Simon Borer and Josh Lyon – Tabitha
11. TimKnightUs – Kansas

Side Two Track List:

1. The Heggies – Nebraska
2. Hawkward – Harder Water
3. Madam Raz – Big Hair
4. Keys and Bones – One is Not Enough
5. Jason Erb – Tidal Wave Come
6. Really Dire Straits – I Tried to Think Like Gaboury
7. Sax Laden – Adult Books
8. The Gertrudes – Freight Train
9. Modular Arithmetic – Modular Arithmetic

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