ACMF2010 Animation Workshop Video

As a part of the Apple Crisp Music Festival 2010 (ACMF2010) which went down over the March Break, Josh Lyon and Lenny Epstein put on a fantastic animation workshop for kids.  I must admit that I am really interested in trying my hand at this sort of thing, but I took the hint when I found out that the suggested age range was between 9 and 14.   Sure I could have crashed the party, but I honestly didn’t want to be responsible (again) for making youngsters feel bad because of my mad skills. Or vice versa. In any case, luckily the folks over at Apple Crisp posted the efforts from the 4 hour collaborative animation session.  Set to the music of Muskox, it looks as though the animation workshop was a huge success.  Having said that, besides me, how many adults would be interested in taking part in this sort of thing?

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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3 thoughts on “ACMF2010 Animation Workshop Video

  • I've always wanted to try something like this out. Seems like the kid oriented class might be the best way for an intro.

  • I'd be more than happy to do something like this again in the future… the workshop was all ages but focused towards 9-14 yr olds. Will keep Kingstonist posted if we run another one soon!

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