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Multicopters, quadcopters and other such consumer-grade aerial drones are a relatively new phenomenon in Canada, while these camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly offering breathtaking perspectives of cityscapes and countrysides from high above. Their application extends far beyond the stereotypical hobby shop tinkerer or RC enthusiast, as businesses have also begun to take flight to capture new vantage points of real estate, outdoor public events and even private weddings.  The flip side of the meteoric rise in popularity of personal drones and quadcopters includes justified concern pertaining to their safe use around high rises and utilities, as well as our respective rights to personal privacy. Thankfully, Kingston has yet to have to deal with any serious allegations or incidents regarding the misuse of these curious eyes in our local skies.

While quadcopters are relatively new to the Limestone City, a lone local enthusiast posting on YouTube recently caught my attention.  Operated under the name SkEye Stream, this aerial platform has recorded unbelievable footage from above City Hall (embedded above), the Time sculpture and waterfront, and most recently, a foggy Glen Lawrence Golf Course.  The sweeping, panoramic imagery produced by SkEye Stream provides fantastic new perspectives on thees familiar locales, and reminds us just how small we all look like from above.

Personally, I can’t wait to see more cool and creative aerial imagery of Kingston as this new hobby takes off (pun intended).  What local area of interest would you like to see SkEye Stream hover above next?  Do you think these drones pose a risk to safety or privacy?

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