Kingstonist’s Big Birthday Contest

Kingstonist's Big Birthday ContestHere we go again.  As I write this, we’re pushing hard to finish some significant projects in support of Kingstonist’s third birthday.  This past year the site has realized continued growth and success thanks in part to the efforts of our dedicated team of contributors, as well as the ongoing conversation that is made possible by our thoughtful readers.  Since our last birthday celebration, we harnessed the power of public opinion with our weekly polls, enhanced our local Flickr group by running our first ever photo contest, established our Community Soapbox to accommodate one-off editorial submissions, continued to seek out interesting local personalities for our six question interview series, and the list goes on.  It’s truly been one heck of year, and I honestly can’t wait to share what we’ve got in store for you on the 2nd of March.

Similar to last year’s build up to our birthday festivities, Kingstonist will once again challenge and reward our readers with our Big Birthday Contest. This year’s contest incorporates trivia and elements of a scavenger hunt via the following types of skill testing questions:

  • Where in Kingston? (questions 1 to 5): we’re offering up 5 scrambled images of local places of interest, which challenge you to solve some related trivia. To make it slightly easier for everyone, we’ll reveal the actual images on February 22nd, which will still give everyone an entire week to lock in their answers.
  • Fill in the Blanks (questions 6 to 10): thanks to search engines, trivia questions can be answered without any real knowledge or effort.  While online sleuthing will likely help, these 5 trivia questions will hopefully require you to get out into the Limestone City and do a bit of exploring the old fashioned way.
  • Where in Streetview? (questions 11 to 15): once again, we couldn’t resist involving Google Streetview in our birthday contest. We’ve captured 5 random scenes from Streetview, which you’ll have to use to identify the approximate address, closest intersection and various points of interest.

Admittedly, Kingstonist’s Third Big Birthday Contest is more challenging (read: difficult) than anything we’ve thrown at you to date. The rules are simple: the first person to answer all 15 questions correctly, or the first person to provide the most correct answers before the contest deadline will win the grand prize. We’re accepting one entry per person via Email (hkirkpatrick[at] up until midnight on the 2nd of March.  The top prize is a $50 gift certificate to the downtown, locally-owned business or restaurant of your choosing, as well as a secret gift we’re keeping hush, hush for the time being.  We might actually throw a few of these secret gifts at folks just for attempting this year’s contest.

You can download the 15 questions/clues here as a zipped Adobe Acrobat file. Good luck, thanks for reading, and thank you for helping us celebrate Kingstonist’s third birthday! Additional love to givingnot for the original photo we remixed for today’s post.



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