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Kingston's sleeping cabins pilot extended; permanent location to be determined

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An experimental tiny home community for those experiencing homelessness, run by Our Livable Solutions (OLS), has been at Portsmouth Harbour since early January 2022. This sleeping cabins pilot project, funded by a mix of a City grant and estate finances, was set to wrap up on Saturday, Apr. 30, 2022,…

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Pants on Fire

It didn’t start with Donald Trump but he was certainly the modern protagonist in the play of words. His ability to provide misinformation with a straight face. Putin took this a step further with the outright lie that Russia had no intention of invading Ukraine. Boris Johnson joined the party in more ways than one and now it seems that our Kingston Mayor and City Councillors, fronted by Chrystal Wilson, have found that looking the other way may solve problems.

I do not believe that anyone would be against providing habitation for the homeless, it would be comparable to petitioning against Motherhood, but it is the fanfare of Good Deeds without the necessary background checks and forward planning that is irritating. As stated at the meeting, no solution to the problem of relocating the sleeping huts has been found since last Fall and are we to believe that a solution will be found in the next month?

Surely the Mayor and City Councillors must admit that Kingstonians have been misled, either unintentionally or intentionally, in believing that the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour site was to be a temporary location.

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