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Kingston Police seek information on theft of guitars from north-end school

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After a total of 10 guitars were stolen from a local elementary school, Kingston Police are requesting public assistance to identify suspects involved, or relay information regarding the stolen instruments. A number of the guitars stolen from a north-end Kingston school (or guitars that look similar to the stolen guitars)…

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It seems they are taking care not to mention the name of the school. It might help if we knew. These guitars coud be in the same neighborhood. Although most knowledgeable thieves would know enough not to fence these instruments in the same area they were stolen from, you never know. There are always a few Darwin awards recipients in every neighborhood.

Tori Stafford Topic starter 03/03/2022 9:59 am

Hi Wayne,

Because Kingston Police did not release the name of the school, we chose not to, as well, because there's always the possibility of impeding an investigation or the like that we have to be cognizant of.
Having said that, the school has already been identified across various social media platforms, so we have no issue disclosing at this point that the instruments were stolen from Rideau Heights Public School.
We appreciate your feedback!
-Tori Stafford