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Planning Committee rejects Davis Tannery proposal

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Members of the City's Planning Committee vote against staff recommendations regarding Patry Inc's proposal for Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments at the Davis Tannery site. Screen captured image. Members of Kingston’s Planning Committee rejected a proposal by Party Inc., which would have seen the Davis Tannery lands rezoned in…

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It is very disappointing that the Kingstonist would skew it's reporting toward the proponents of this plan when it was entirely obvious at the meeting that the majority of the public feedback was to reject it. A couple of dozen members of the public representing different groups including NCCK, Turtles Kingston, Ontario Nature and other environmental groups and individuals clearly rejected this proposal for the fundamental issue that this land is NOT "vacant". It is well documented that it provides habitat for many species and comprises 2000 trees including a much cherished 200 year old oak which the Kingstonist didn't even mention in this article. There is evidence that the contaminated lands are remediating themselves and there are other alternatives to cleaning it up than full clear-cut only to pave over it for a development. While housing is desperately needed in Kingston and density is the agreed way forward, out of the 1760 units proposed by Patry, only 100 would be rent geared to income. You can bet that a high price will be commanded for units with water views so fundamentally, this project does little to address the affordable housing crisis. Let's be clear. This is totally about clear cutting 2000 trees and eliminating habitat and desperately needed wetlands that have been designated Provincially Significant so a developer can pave it over and make a tidy profit. Patry and some wealthy condo purchasers will be the only beneficiaries of this project.


This is great news! Now how do we get the same result from City Council?