Have your say – Yay or Nay: Retail cannabis stores

Photo by Esteban Lopez.

Last week, Kingston City Council voted unanimously to opt in to allowing retail cannabis stores in the city, followed swiftly by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) naming those retail stores that won out in the ‘cannabis retail store lottery.’

Although we are still unsure whether or not any of those corporations named as winners of the retail store lottery will actually set up shop in Kingston, people are definitely talking about the possibility of a retail cannabis storefront here in the Limestone City.

Ahead of Council in Action discussing the issue on their show Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019 on YourTV Kingston, we thought it would be interesting to find out what our readers feel about the recent happenings.

Please take a moment to complete our poll below, and add a comment if you have something to say! We want to know what you think, Kingston!

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One thought on “Have your say – Yay or Nay: Retail cannabis stores

  • Anyone who wants to buy weed now, in Kingston, can. It’s been available since the late ’60s. People close to me have been smoking it that long, as well. This has been, and probably still is, ‘biker weed’. None of these acquaintances EVER complainied of having a problem with the quality of the product, although what it might have been adulterated with no one knows.

    The legislation should, over time, allow the public to purchase that which as ‘always’ been available but now with better quality control.

    Should children ever smoke weed? No. If a teenager were to smoke weed more than weekly then they [aka their brains] will have problems down the line and probably they’re smoking for emotional reasons. If a teen smoked a few times a year my un-scientific opinion is that they are probably fine.

    A geezer

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