Escape the cold and solve the ‘Scandal in Kingston’ at Sherlock’s Escapes

*Paid Business Feature* This December, Sherlock’s Escapes is launching a new escape room: Scandal in Kingston. The search for Sherlock Holmes continues in this third instalment, which leads detectives through an engaging and Kingston-themed set of puzzles. “Our lead detective here at Sherlock’s Escapes Detective Agency is Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately,

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International Economic Development Council awards Gold Rank to Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston

Kingston Economic Development Corporation (Kingston EcDev) has won a Gold Rank for its Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston, a project in the category of Partnerships with Educational Institutions from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) 2021 Excellence in Economic Development Awards Program. The honour was announced on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021,

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Li-Cycle sees lithium ion batteries as a resource, not a waste

As the world moves toward rechargeable batteries in consumer electronics, industrial energy storage, and green vehicles, recycling and reclaiming the materials from these lithium ion batteries has become increasingly important. Li-Cycle has been developing technology to recycle rechargeable lithium ion batteries and separate the important components in order to sustainably

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