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Florists, flowers, Kingston, OntarioWith Mother’s Day just behind us and graduations and end of the year concerts on the horizon, we’re thinking about the perfect, cheerful and traditional gift for these occasions: flowers. The spring season opens up a wide selection of options from potted plants to rose bushes and even trees to adorn the recipient’s garden. Those options aside, I am personally a big fan of cut flowers. I love having brightly colored tulips on my kitchen table and opted for hot pink gerbera for my mom yesterday. My mom lives 3 hours away, so I order from one of her local florists, who I have loyally purchased from for a few years now. It got me thinking about Kingston florists and who might be considered the go-to in ygk.

There are many Kingston florists offering a range of items from high-end bouquets, vase included, for upwards of $60, to single roses and arrangements with teddy bears and fruit baskets. While I love grabbing a simple bouquet, sans vase, from the grocery store, sometimes going that extra mile and having a custom arrangement made adds a lot to a special occasion. Considering the options for getting custom cut flowers, this week we want to know:

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All this being said, there is nothing wrong with the beauties Kingston grocery stores have to offer. In fact, I often find they last much longer than expected. However, you are also relying on what’s in stock when sometimes you just really want that certain colour or species (Birds of Paradise aren’t typically available at No Frills). So, tell us your go-to florist in Kingston. What makes them your number one? Is it the service, the options, the prices? Drop off a comment below.

Thanks to Christos Loufopolous for today’s pic.

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13 thoughts on “Best Florist in Kingston

  • LSP Designs Flower Studio. Hands down the most creative, beautiful and affordable arrangements in the city.

  • Blossoms Florist, conveniently located, beautiful shop, wonderful ladies working with good quality flowers.

  • Michelle at Chartreuse Flower Works is the best florist I have ever met. The way she arranges flowers and the variety of flowers that she chooses are surprising and delightful. i gave my mom a bouquet from Michelle for Mother’s Day and she loved it more than any other she has received, ever! Michelle is definitely the best florist in Kingston. I will be buying from her forever.

  • There is a reason that Blaney's Florist's has been in business for almost 60 years. They are THE BEST, hands down.

  • Definitely Blaney's, they very helpful, are reasonably priced.

  • I love Blossom's. She certainly has the knack. Beautiful and creative work!

  • Ok she paid me One Million Dollars to post that Blossom's is the best….but I didn't take the dough since it is the best hands down!

  • Blossoms Flowers is run by the HEART, To fulfill your every need and create orders to your specifications .

  • "Best" is a relative term. Any florist who's managed to say in business for at least a few years is bound to be good. All I've seen do great work. Some like Blaney's and Blossoms tend to lean towards the more traditional style. Then you have creative artists like Michelle at Chartreuse who will blow your mind with creative arrangements you don't get anywhere else.

    It depends on what you're looking for. Regardless which you choose, your flowers will be nicer and last much longer than anything bought at a grocery store or Costco.

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